Our School

Our Facilities

St Rose school is well provided with up to date facilities.


There are ten classrooms at St Rose from Kindergarten to Year Six. Each classroom can cater for up to 32 students. Each classroom has an interactive whiteboard and all are air-conditioned.


There are two main playground areas at St Rose. The upper playground level is a large asphalt area that has a basketball court, handball courts and a large space covered by a shade sail.

The lower playground has artificial turf to enable the students an all-weather surface which gives them much more freedom to run and play in naturally created areas as well as the artificial surface.  It also provides a space for students to be active and play with a range of sporting equipment. There is a fenced area with playground equipment that includes slippery slides and equipment for climbing and balancing.


St Rose Catholic School has a well equipped library with a large selection of books, learning resources and technology available for students to use at all times. Students experience a dedicated library lesson each week with the school librarian and can also access the library during their lunch hour and with their class teachers.  There are books available to support parents in their parenting role.


Information Communication and Learning Technologies (ICLT) is an integral part of learning at St Rose. All Kindergarten – year 2 students have access to an Ipad and year 3-6 students have a Chrome Book.


St Rose canteen is open at lunchtime two days per week. The canteen is managed by a canteen coordinator who is supported by parent volunteers. The school canteen has a focus on promoting and serving healthy food options on its menu.

School Hall

The school hall, which was completed in 2010 as part of the Federal Government’s BER program, is an up-to-date facility that seats 400 and has state of the art communication and sound system.

The hall was designed and built in consultation with the school community, the Catholic Schools Office and Paynter Dixon construction company.  It is in keeping with the subtle colours of the environment of its surrounds and was designed to capture the sea breezes in summer and the sun for warmth in winter.  This means that the costs of heating and cooling of the building are substantially reduced, saving the environment and electrical costs.

Our hall allows our school community to build upon the traditional importance of the performing arts and sport which we have nurtured. This hall gives us the space required to rehearse and perform musical and dramatic items for the whole school community at the same time it allows us the much needed space for sport and physical education.

The community holds successful school concerts, events and many school, extra curricula and community events.

St Rose Church

St Rose Church is in close proximity to the school grounds and allows our school community easy access to a sacred space for worship and reflection. It also places our school in the context of the wider parish community.