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St Rose has a range of parent resources containing some interesting and valuable information to help you as parents assist in the educational development of your children. These resources are available in the school library and may be accessed on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and afternoons before and after school. We are constantly updating and adding to these so please feel free to come to the library to browse and borrow.

Parent Library Rescource List


The CSP represents all parents and carers of students in Catholic Schools in Broken Bay. There are a variety of great resources for parents. To access these click  the link to BBCSP Website or click on the individual titles.

CSP FACEBOOK AND TWITTER PAGES – You can follow, retweet, mention:  and Like   There are direct links to parent education resources and pages.

We would like to know what you would like to know about parents and schooling.

Please email  to assist us in providing the best information for you.

PARENT ENGAGEMENT   Parent Engagement Checklist


What is Grief?

Grief is our reaction to loss. Someone who has experienced a loss can feel like being lost in a maze of conflicting emotions. This is normal following significant loss. Some examples of significant losses are the death of a loved one, divorce/separation or relationship breakdown, death of a pet, loss of job, home, identity or independence, caring for someone with a chronic or a life threatening illness.

13 11 14

1800 55 1800

 1300 1300 52  (weekdays 9am – 9pm. Weekends 4pm-9pm)

Supporting children dealing with grief

Students can be referred to the school counsellor through the school prinicpal.

You may find some of the following links useful to help you support your family to discuss loss and grief.


Prayers to Pray

Children and funerals