Student Wellbeing

Student Leadership

The Year 6 Student Leadership Teams are:

  • Mission
  • Colour House
  • Student Representative Council
  • Music
  • Environment
  • Communications
  • Library

Part of the Leadership Team’s responsibilities is to be part of the Buddy Program, in which Year 6 students are role models to their Kindergarten Buddies and other new children to the school. The Buddy Program also assists the Kindergarten students achieve a smooth transition into school.

Year 5 Committees

In Year 5 all students belong to a committee that they can contribute to;

  • Liturgy
  • Library
  • Hospitality
  • Garden
  • IT
  • Welcoming

Participation in these committees prepares the students for their leadership team role in Year 6.

Student Representative Council (SRC) and Mini Vinnies

Each class from Kindergarten to Year 5 selects students to represent them in the SRC to express student perspective in the decision making of their school. Students also select representatives that will lead social justice initiatives through the Mini Vinnies.

Student Leadership Guidelines