Co-Curricular activities

Your child can choose to join in Co-Curricular activities which enrich our students’ learning and support the academic curriculum. These activities are extra opportunities for your child to further their interest in a wonderful range of pathways.


We have two bands – Training and Concert bands – led by Colden Anderson. Our band members learn an exciting repertoire which they perform at various school, parish and community functions and events.

All students are given an opportunity to try out for band and learn instruments at the end of every year.

Music Tutors

St Rose students can participate in private music tutor lessons on site during school hours. To book a tutor, contact them directly with the details below.

Concert Band & Training Band Colden Anderson coldenanderson@icloud.com
Clarinet & Saxophone Alan Paardekooper 0408 224 010
Trumpet Amanda King 0431 979 145
Drums Billy O’Key 0449 133 914
Guitar and Bass David Warokka 0414 541 896
Keyboard Colin Woodward 0412 897 737
Bass Guitar & Low Brass Adam Pecar 0433 977 935
Flute Jacqui Menge 0411 211 007


Choir is open to any child from Year 2 to Year 6 who shows an interest in singing and performing. Choir lessons are held on a Friday at 12.30pm. The St Rose choir performs at community, school and parish functions throughout the year.


Chess classes are held every Tuesday lunchtime for all levels. Children involved in chess may be invited to take part in inter-school chess competitions between other peninsula schools.

A St Rose annual chess competition is held every year to complete the Chess season.

Please contact Sydney Academy of Chess on info@sydneyacademyofchess.com.au or 9745 1170 if you would like your child to participate in Chess classes.


Footworks Dance Co teaches Jazz Funk Hip Hop in the St Rose School Hall. It’s a fun alternative to after school care where children can learn a variety of dance styles in each lesson. Our end of year concert gives dance students an opportunity to perform under the spotlight.

Fees are charged by the term. If joining mid-term a casual rate will apply. A small concert fee will be required in Term 3. Sibling discount available.

Students are required to wear black leggings/bike shorts and black jazz shoes. The Footworks T shirt is available in class for $20.

Please contact Alice to enrol and for more information.


www.footworksdanceco.com.au             0407 915 191


iKarate offers a karate and safety awareness program at St Rose which:

  • Develops self confidence, builds coordination, boosts self esteem
  • Helps concentration, improves studies and is a chance to make new friends

Only $12 per week – with $2 registration per term. To join, call Zoltan Levitt on 0407 013 555 or visit www.karate-kids.com.au


All St Rose students from K-6 engage in weekly meditation sessions for 10 weeks during the school. We believe that meditation is one of the most valuable tools we can equip your child with. These interactive sessions aim to develop the children’s sense of self-awareness, increase focus, self-esteem, resilience and impulse control. Regular meditation practice has been scientifically proven to support positive mental health and wellbeing.

During mediation, children learn a variety of ways to engage their breath to remain calm in stressful situations, muscle relaxation techniques, affirmation creation and a selection of kids’ yoga poses. Our meditation incorporates The Zones of Regulation, a framework utilised by St Rose to foster self-regulation and emotional control.

Student feedback:

Theo: I find it easier to control my emotions.

Alex: I use figure 8 breathing when I’m nervous.

Gabriella: Good to learn different techniques to calm down.

Jersey: It makes me feel relaxed and my body can just let go.

Georgia: I used the breathing this morning when my sister was annoying me!

Useful resources for parents:

Relax Kids: The Wishing Star by Marneta Viegas

Free Kids’ Meditation Apps:




Stop Breathe & Think

Settle Your Glitter

Peer Support

St Rose’s Peer Support Program aims to encourage lifelong learning. It assists students to develop protective factors and empowers them to become more socially connected. This program is run for 10 weeks for all students K-6.

Each year focuses on a different theme: Promoting Harmony, Moving Forward, Living Positively, Keeping Friends and Speaking Up.

Rock and Water program

The Rock and Water program uses simple self-defence exercises and games to develop students’ confidence and self-reflection. It is run for 10 weeks for all students K-6.

Useful in the playground and classroom, Rock and Water teaches children to:

  • Identify their limitations and possibilities
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Feel, set and defend their own boundaries
  • Respect others’ boundaries

The program uses simple self-defence, boundary and communication exercises to develop a strong notion of self-confidence. Rock and Water offers a framework of exercises and ideas to assist children to become aware of purpose and motivation in their life. It teaches them to use their power in a more effective way and shows them how to deal with different kinds of conflicts.

Speech Therapy & Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists and Speech Pathologists that operate from St Rose can be contacted directly:

Cassie Maher, Speech Pathologist

0421 996 754


Pittwater OT- Ashley Vos, Occupational Therapist

0478 549 025


OT City, Occupational and Speech Therapists

9161 4221


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