School Community

St Rose Advisory Committee & Parent Engagement Network (PEN)

St Rose Catholic School is part of a vibrant and welcoming community

The spirit of this unique culture is evident in the many events both parish and community based that members are actively engaged in.

There are a variety of different opportunities for the parents and friends to contribute to the life of the school, such as:

The Parent Engagement Network, St Rose Advisory Board, Parish Sacramental Program and Parish Pastoral Council.

St Rose Advisory Committee

The St Rose Advisory Committee was formed from a group chosen to give an insight into what it means to be part of a Catholic community and school, as part of the Primary School Review process in 2007.

The original group were called a Community Consultation Group, and were parents who would be able to disseminate information and feedback information to help grow the school into a more faith oriented community.

One of the aims of this group was to canvas the adult faith formation element to assist parents in their own faith education, to in turn journey with their children.

After Primary School Review the group was invited to continue to work together and assist the school in working through particular areas of the School Improvement Plan.


St Rose Advisory Committee Statement of Purpose

The Parent Engagement Network (PEN)

The PEN is very active and provides much needed funds for the school, supports the Principal in running the school, provides a social outlet for parents and also is a means of informing and educating parents.

All parents are invited to come along and find out what is happening “behind the scenes” at the school.

The role of a class parent is to help out with social functions within the school, welcome new families to the class and to organise their own social get-togethers with their class.

If you have a matter for future consideration please email:

The school newsletter and app also keeps you informed of upcoming PEN meetings and plans.

2020 PEN TEAM AND CLASS PARENTS Function and History of the PEN Class Kitty Reconciliation form - Excel Class Parent Agreement Parent Engagement Team Constitution PEN Reimbursement Form